To have a great year people must be informed.

Debate Handbook – To ensure all the rules for debating are clear and understood.

Moderator Handbook – So all you control freaks, know exactly how to calm down the crowd!

Plans for the Year – All of the years meeting from today to June of 2018.

Chapter of the Year Information – If your chapter is having a really great year, consider applying for the E.A. Rogers Chapter of the Year Award. Details about the award and the application process are included in the guide.

Winter Congress Bill Writing Guide – Winter Congress attendees are required to write their own bill. Here is a guide on what a bill is, and how to write one, and best of all how to pass one.

Mid-Year Cabinet Application – Mid-Year Cabinet is an excellent opportunity for new JSA attendees to get involved, or even past ones who found a recent passion in JSA. Cabinet helps ensure everything throughout the year is planned and executed correctly and efficiently. Contact me with any questions.

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