We, the citizens of the Pilibos Chapter of the Junior State, in order to achieve high standards of citizenship, improve our understanding of democratic processes, develop responsibility in the individual, and promote involvement in community affairs, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the Pilibos Chapter of the Junior State of America.


The name of this organization shall be “The Pilibos Armenian School Chapter of the Junior State”.


Membership will be granted to all students who have paid their annual membership tax of ten dollars and are attending Pilibos Armenian School. Membership will only be granted to those in high school.


Section A

Any student may run for office provided that the person is a chapter member in good standing with no standing academic and “or” behavioral probations. Additionally academic requirements do stand; a student must have a cumulative unweighted GPA of at least 3.5.

Presidential candidates may run in pairs. However in order to win as pairs candidates require at least 5 percent above the second place contestant. If the candidates do not have a 5% majority then the second candidate with the most votes shall be acting-president.

If two candidates get tied then the current board of chapter officers and president may vote between the two. Otherwise both candidates are granted a co-position.

Section B

The officers shall be elected by an anonymous ballot at the second to last meeting of the elected term. Elections shall take place on a google form that requires one-time responses. Additionally, before elections take place the numerical amount of people in the room shall be counted. If the amount of votes after election surpass the amount of people counted in the room, then the election shall be counted as inoperative . Voting will be re-done the following week. The candidate receiving a majority* of votes cast shall be declared the winner. If no candidate received a majority, the candidate receiving the most votes shall be commenced as acting-president until indicted as president for the following year.

Section C

The term of the officers shall start on May 8,(year of election) and end the following April 25, (year of election +1) (dates are permissible for change considering the decided dates for juniors to travel to Armenia). In the case of a vacant position, the President may appoint a replacement with the approval of a majority of the chapter. If the President resigns or is impeached, the Vice President becomes President. In order to impeach the president grounds for impeachment must be held.
Subsection A

If the president or vice-president breaks any of the amendments mandated in this constitution that may form grounds for impeachment
If the president or vice-president intentionally harms the chapter’s reputation in front of fellow states person.
If the president or vice president lies intentionally to chapter officers or members.
If the president or vice-president unfairly treat specific chapter officers or members in a hope of them leaving the delegation.

Section D

There shall be five (5) elected officers:
The President is the chief executive officer of the chapter and is responsible for representing the chapter at all events. The President will preside over all meetings and be a member of all committees. (S)he is responsible for running the chapter’s educational program. The President may appoint other officers as the need arises.
The Vice-President assists the President and becomes President if there is a vacancy in that position.
The Public Relations and Technology Director will be in charge of managing the Pilibos JSA social media accounts and the official webpage. They will be required to report all posts to the chapter president or Vice President.
The Treasurer will be in charge of all financial matters of the chapter. The Treasurer will collect money and keep records of members attending state and regional Junior State events. The Treasurer will prepare a financial report ready at all chapter meetings.
The Fundraising Director will be in charge of organizing innovative and beneficial fundraisers, in order to financially help our chapter. This includes but is not limited to hosting fundraising events, selling pili-merchandise*, and managing bake sales.
The Director of Debate will be in charge of all debate matters. That requires but is not limited to writing debate briefs for weekly debates, helping write debates on one-days, and aiding in inspiring speakers and teaching people how to sign-up for debates.

Section E
Any officer may be removed by a two-thirds vote of chapter members present and voting, provided that notice has been given that this motion will be considered.
Additionally to have grounds for impeachment of a chapter-officer, all chapter officers must first unanimously vote to do so. This does not include the chapter-officer whom is being impeached.

Section F

The chapter will have a Teacher and(or) Advisor in accordance with the rules and regulations of Pilibos Armenian School. The Teacher and(or) Advisor will provide educational guidance, supervision and serve as a liaison to the Pilibos Armenian School administration and faculty.

Teacher Advisors are required to attend overnight conventions unless pre-stated to the acting president.

Teacher Advisors have the ultimate decision to decide if a chapter president, vice-president, or officer is properly acting on her or his role. If one is not properly acting on her or his role the teacher advisor may suggest a motion of reelection for a different candidate. This requires a majority vote in order to be approved on the floor.


Section A

The chapter shall meet a minimum of twice a month during the school year. Meetings may be called by either the President or the Teacher/Advisor.

Section B

All meetings shall be run according to Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised.

Section C

All Chapter members are required to attend two meetings a month, and all mandatory meeting. If a member does not attend a meeting without a valid excuse* they may be removed as a chapter member, or banned from attendance to overnight conventions.


This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the chapter members. The constitution must be available to chapter members either online, or by printed hand-outs.


This constitution shall take effect upon ratification by a two-thirds vote of the members of the chapter and upon the approval of the Junior State Governor.