This week Pilibos JSA students encouraged students to be their own individual and know where they stand in politics. Aren Melkonian president of Pilibos JSA shared a message about self-determination and one’s ability to fight for what they believe in. Additionally, Pilibos JSA asked high schools students to take a survey that would tell them where they lie on the political spectrum. Many of these students are unsure of there political stance and Pilibos JSA wanted to encourage these students to find themselves. After they took the survey they received their results. These were Pilibos Students Results:

After receiving their results they continue on to watch a video. This video was made in correlation with self-determination. It was made by both Pilibos JSA and Entrepreneur Club, a club led by Arek Der-Sarkissian, in hopes to inspire these students. Overall, we had a great week showing students they should be confident about what they believe in. Whether if their views are wrong or right does not matter. Please check out the awesome video below!









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