Every year, for the last four years, Pilibos JSA has participated in Fall State Los Angeles. I am proud to say, not only was Pilibos JSA one of the largest chapters attending FSLA with 58 students, but also we won the most best speaker awards, with a total of 13.

Fall State Los Angeles is one of four conventions that JSA hosts on a yearly basis. At these conventions, students debate on social, economical, and political views. JSA’s goal

 is to allow ample opportunity for students from every background to have a platform for their views. This year FSLA had around 800 attendees from 48 different chapters.

Pilibos played a major role in this convention. Students from Pilibos helped out with logistical shifts. We had twelve new speakers, including five first time gavel winners. We also participated in the Junior State Salute initiative, writing over fifty letters to soldiers, making us the chapter with the most letters. We encourage all students to speak and feel free to be comfortable in the environment of JSA.

JSA is much more than a simple organization, it started with one agenda—a platform for the individual. Hopefully, to my fellow Pilibos JSA delegates, you all felt comfortable standing up for what you believe in, and most of all who we are as a chapter. Thank You So Much!

Aren Melkonian

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